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2017 Harley Slip-ons shipping now!: We are now shipping slip-ons for the all new 2017 Harley baggers with the new Milwaukee 8 engine! Available versions include our very popular Kerker Slash Slip-ons(Part # 128-78132) and legendary Kerker Stout slip-ons(140-78228 chrome & 147-78228 black). For a video comparison of the various options, click here
SuperTrapp MegaShots Big Bore 2:1:2 System: 
MegaShots Big Bore 2:1:2 System: SuperTrapp MegaShots are a tunble, disc-based exhaust system. They are designed specifically for 103” – 140”, high output, big bore motors (minimum Stage 4 level builds).

They feature massive 1.875” – 2.00” – 2.125” equally-stepped head pipes flowing through a 3” collector into dual 2.5” core FatShot-style, tunable, disc-based mufflers. The pipes include both 18mm and 12mm oxygen sensor ports to accommodate both style sensors.

This system is available in chrome or black ceramic finish with full coverage, 2.5” heat shields.

SuperTrapp MegaShots fit ’85 – ’13 Baggers with stock chassis configuration and includes twenty-six 4” discs per muffler, closed end caps and all necessary mounting hardware. Additional discs and end caps are available and sold separately.


The Road Legends Phantom II Pipe (MSRP $1,390.00) is a curvy 2:1. It’s an updated version of the original Phantom Pipe for Softails and the Baffled FLH Phantom Pipe. It’s available in a baffled, black ceramic version. It includes a 2” removable and rebuildable core that’s tough sounding and even better performing. The 4-piece stylized chrome-plated heat shields come pre-installed. The Turned-Up Claw End Tip features a domino dot-engraved decorative billet end cap that makes a bold statement without the drag pipe sound arrival.

The Phantom Pipe II features a 2” primary pipe and a 3.5” diameter collector. Designed by master bike builder, Paul Yaffe, and manufactured by SuperTrapp Industries. Fits ’07 – ’13 Softails and’06 – ’13 Dynas.

The Phantom Pipe II provides a truly unprecedented look with a neighborhood-friendly sound.

BLACK TRUE DUALS ARE HERE!: These look and sound killer...especially when paired with our SuperTrapp or Kerker Stout 4" Slip-Ons. Visit the True Duals Product Page for more info, pricing, applications, pictures and videos.
SuperTrapp Big Bore FatShots 2:1:2 System: 
SuperTrapp SuperLight Stainless Series Slip-On for BMW models: 

Black Stouts are a black ceramic bodies with a black ceramic-coated, contrast cut end cap. Black and Chrome optional replacement end caps are available for an even more stylized look! Visit the SuperTrapp Stouts Product Page for more info!

Imposter Pipe: 

The Imposter Pipe is here! Due to popular demand, this pipe is compatible with our SuperTrapp and Kerker 2:1 SuperMeg for '85 - '12 FLH models for riders looking to return their bike to the balanced, stock True Dual look. SuperTrapp and Kerker options are available. Available in Chrome or Black. Visit the Imposter Product Page for more info!

2012 H-D Model SuperTrapp and Kerker Exhausts!: 

Find yours using the Find My Exhaust tool.


Check out our SuperLight Stainless Series Page for all of the details.

SuperTrapp and Kerker Stouts: SuperTrapp & Kerker Stout 4” Slip-Ons quench the thirst of riders longing for beautifully, crafted, 4” chrome-bodied Slip-Ons with a pleasant tone and unsurpassed performance gains.

They’re available for ’95 – 11 FLH / FLT models. These non-tunable, massive 4” Slip-Ons allow riders to make a bold statement with their newly developed core. The streamlined, internal tapered, billet aluminum end cap with recessed fasteners comes pre-installed. The newly shaped inlets flow better into the OEM head pipe as well as SuperTrapp True Dual Head Pipes. The oval cut outs are a sign of the true craftsmanship that went into the design of these pipes.

The SuperTrapp Stouts' tapered core is minimally louder than stock for ’10 – ’11 FLH models. SuperTrapp Stout Slip-Ons provide a heavy, broad spread power curve right from idle w/ a 9.3 (16%) hp and 10.5 (14%) torque gain over stock (measured on a stock 2010 FLH). At 95.6 dB @ 2,000 rpm, or 2.4dB over stock, SuperTrapp Stouts are SAE-J2825 sound compliant.

Kerker Stout 4” Slip-Ons, like their name suggests, are not a wimpy pipe. They utilize a more traditional core which targets a higher spread of power providing more mid range RPM up through redline. Hand-crafted for your riding pleasure, they provide a bold, strong power curve from mid range on up with a 9.6 (17%) hp and 9 (12%) torque gain over stock (measured on 2010 FLH). Louder than the SuperTrapp version, Kerker Stouts are 97dB (per SAE-J2825) or 5dB over stock with that classic Kerker, deep, heavy rumble.

SuperTrapp Stout 4” Slip-Ons

FLH / FLT ’10 – ’11 140-65224 MSRP $679.00

FLH / FLT ’95 – ’09 140-65222 MSRP $679.00

Kerker Stout 4” Slip-Ons

FLH / FLT ’10 – ’11 140-78226 MSRP $649.00

FLH / FLT ’10 – ’11 140-78224 MSRP $649.00

SuperTrapp Performance Core for HD Screamin' Eagle Nightstick is here!: 

This is a replacement core for the HD Nightstick Slip-On used on the 2010 Street Glide and Road Glide. It improves the sound quality, giving it a deeper, richer, lower-toned rumble. The stock core is a solid tube. This replacement core is a perforated design with high tech glass pillow packing.

Riders have the option of choosing their sound levels based on a variety of disc and end cap configurations.

Part No: 100-7881. MSRP $95.00

This new core is available exclusively through SuperTrapp.

Click here to check out the videos on our forum to hear the enhance exhaust tone you get utilizing various disc and end cap configurations.

When you're ready to place your order, click here to make your web store purchase and receive FREE shipping (within the U.S.)

Or, you can call our Customer Service Department (shipping is NOT free) at 216-265-8400 to place your order.


Riders seeking custom style at a less-than-custom price, this one’s for you! Meet the SuperTrapp-manufactured, Road Legends FLH Baffled Phantom Pipe in black ceramic for Harley-Davidson '86 - '12 FLH / FLT models. If you love an unprecedented, show-stopping look, this is the pipe for you! A true conversation piece everywhere you go.

The FLH Phantom Pipe is a curvy 2:1 pipe, based off of the original which is a drag pipe, but this one is baffled and therefore neighborhood-friendly. Rather than a slash cut, it has a decorative billet end cap with engraved domino dots. The FLH Phantom Pipe comes with 4-piece stylized chrome heatshields. It extends past the rear foot peg and ensures a cool ride, even for the passenger.

This is the newest addition to the Road Legends series, designed by master builder Paul Yaffe and manufactured by SuperTrapp.

The FLH Phantom Pipe is the fourth creation born out of the partnership between SuperTrapp and Yaffe. The Yaffe-designed Road Legends series also includes the 2-inch straight through X Pipes, the 2-inch straight through upswept drag pipes with a laser cut claw tip known as Crack Pipes and the original Phantom Pipe.


Our best-performing pipes are 2:1’s and countless dyno shootouts prove it. The tunable SuperTrapp 2:1 SuperMegs are available in chrome or black. The non-tunable, non-disc based Kerker 2:1 SuperMegs are also available in chrome or black.

All SuperTrapp and Kerker 2:1 SuperMegs work with OEM controls. They include 3-piece head pipe heat shields.

SuperTrapp 2:1 SuperMegs provide a 15% bolt-on hp gain across the board. The core and packing are rebuildable. Twenty, 4” discs and a Polished Billet End Cap are included. The 2.5" collector allows maximum flow even on big bore motors. The universal transmission mount bracket makes installation a breeze.

SuperTrapp 2:1 SuperMegs can be run with either an open end cap or a closed end cap.

The non-tunable, Kerker 2:1 SuperMeg features a full flow mechanical core for a deep throaty sound and excellent top end performance making them unsurpassed at high RPMs.

Both exhausts are also available for 2012 and earlier Touring, Sportster and Softail models. Available for 2011 and earlier Dyna models. O2 plugs are included for early model applications. Both pipes are also available for 230 and 250 Wide Tire Customs.

MEAN MOTHERS SLIP-ONS FOR '09 - '12 FLH / FLT: SuperTrapp Mean Mothers just got meaner. Mean Mothers are now available for the first time as Slip-Ons. Mean Mothers Slip-Ons are available in chrome for H-D ’09 – ’12 Touring Models. These offer the same loud and throaty, drag pipe sound as the original Mean Mothers, but are 2 Ύ” chrome-plated heatshields with a stainless steel 2 Ό expansion chamber, with Black Ceramic Coated Billet End Caps. They also include a removable louvered core.

Mean Mothers Slip-Ons allow you to simply add these to the ends of your stock head pipes. They offer a drag pipe sound at a Slip-On price. The straight lines on these chrome beauties accentuate the lines of the bike. The Black Ceramic Coated Billet end caps contrasting with the chrome pipes really make these jump out.

Visit the Mean Mothers Products Page.

Visit the Mean Mothers Slip-Ons Video.


Our legendary, patented, tunable disc technology has allowed us to have a leg up on the most recent sound compliant tests. The following products pass the SAE J2825 sound test. (Tests were conducted on a 2010 FLHRC).

href="">SuperTrapp Stout 4" Slip-Ons

SE Series Slip-Ons with chrome, Grooved Billet End Caps (P/N 128-65115)

FatShots Slip-Ons for FLH with 12 discs per muffler and Open End Caps (P/N 728-71576)

FatShots Slip-Ons for FLH with 12 discs per muffler and Closed End Caps (P/N 728-71576)

Kerker Slip-Ons with chrome, Grooved Billet End Caps (P/N 128-78020)

Internal Disc Slip-Ons with 22 discs per muffler and Closed End Caps (P/N 628-78054)

Internal Disc Slip-Ons with 10 discs in the left side muffler and 14 discs in the right side muffler and Closed End Caps (P/N 628-78054)

Internal Disc Slip-Ons with 8 discs in the left side muffler and 12 discs in the right side muffler and Closed End Caps (P/N 628-78054)

Megaphone Series Slip-Ons 4” Straight Cut with 12 discs per muffler and Closed End Caps (P/N 728-78053)

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The already famous SuperTrapp FatShots Slip-Ons are now available for '95 - ‘12 Harley-Davidson Baggers.

FatShots Slip-Ons set the standard for adjustable performance. These new 3.5" diameter, fully chrome plated muffler bodies flare out to a 4", slash cut end with a straight through 2” diameter, pillow-pack wrapped performance core that is capped off with the legendary SuperTrapp 4” discs and polished trim ring.

By adjusting the number of discs, FatShots Slip-Ons have the ability to be the quietest performance muffler out there with a richer stock level sound, but enhanced performance. It performs better than stock in a sound compliant configuration.

If you want to kick it up a notch, installing the recommended 12 discs in conjunction with its straight through 2" diameter performance core sets the stage for maximum power. In this configuration, FatShots Slip-Ons provide a 15% hp gain and a 12% torque gain over stock, proving, your exhaust does not have to be loud to make power.

These Slip-Ons truly demonstrate the performance and customization that a tunable exhaust has to offer. Adding 4” discs will increase the horsepower, exhaust tone and flow. Subtracting 4” discs will reduce the sound and increase low-end torque.

FatShots Slip-Ons come complete with twenty-four 4” discs and all of the necessary hardware and mounting instructions, so you can get back on the road in no time.

FatShots Slip-Ons Product Page

FatShots Slip-Ons for FLH / FLT on JPTV

FatShots Slip-Ons Video


SuperTrapp was one of the earliest flat track race sponsors and our “signature” Megaphone Series mufflers have stood the test of time. Years of flat track racing and testing have proven the success of the technology the Megaphone Series were designed with. Therefore, it was second nature for SuperTrapp to be one of the first U.S. exhaust manufacturers to develop a race inspired exhaust system with XR flare for the new Harley-Davidson XR 1200.

Harley-Davidson released the bike in the U.S. market at the beginning of December 2008. Just 30 days later, SuperTrapp launched the XR 1200 System at lightning speed, but without any sacrifice to performance or styling details. SuperTrapp prides itself on the extensive engineering and testing that goes into each product and the resources to execute a finished product to the public in a timely fashion.

The SuperTrapp XR 1200 Megaphone System is a brushed stainless steel, tunable, 2 into 2 system. It includes 2 - 20 disc packs. Adding 4” discs allows the rider to increase horsepower, exhaust tone and flow. Subtracting 4” discs allows the rider to reduce sound and increase low-end torque.

SuperTrapp's XR 1200 system weighs less than half of the stock system. How's a modest 15 lbs. vs. the stock 36 lbs. to lighten your load?

The new XR 1200 system by SuperTrapp sounds as great as it performs. A 10% horsepower and torque gain (when tested with 16 discs) through the mid power range and a heavy rumbled thunder sound compliment the sporty and aggressive look of the bike.

Check out the video of our 2:2 Tunable Megaphone System on an XR 1200 by visiting our SuperTrapp Forum and Videos!

Megaphone Series Product Page


Dressers are a major segment of the V-Twin industry and are growing at an increasingly rapid pace. This inspired Paul Yaffe’s newest line of end caps for SuperTrapp SE Series Slip-Ons and Kerker Slip-Ons.

The Yaffe Afterburners look like something you might find on a jet fighter and they bring a whole new look to the industry. Yaffe Afterburners are available in a color stable, black anodized, ceramic with a contrasting aluminum inset finish or chrome finish.

The Yaffe Big Poppa is a distinctive fish mouth cut turndown end cap that appears to be devouring the open road as you’re cruising along. The Yaffe Big Poppa is available in chrome and sure to turn heads as passer bys will need a second look as they won’t believe their eyes.

The Yaffe Claw looks like that of a fierce predator and the pavement its prey. A sleek, pointed, turndown end cap with 3 holes in the top, decreasing in size the closer to the point of the Claw the hole is, will make the bike appear to be clawing its way across the pavement while hovering above the open road of any adventure the rider takes it on. The Yaffe Claw in chrome is also available in the new product line of end caps.

Paul Yaffe’s newest creations allow riders to have an even wider variety of end caps to select from. In addition, SuperTrapp offers eight other end caps for SE Series and Kerker Slip-Ons and Systems such as the Turndown / Out 90 degree rotatable end caps, Tapered, Fishtail, Java Jugs, Slash Cut, Fluted Billet,, Tapered Billet and Grooved Billet.

For end cap pricing information, click here.



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