Kerker Slip-Ons and Full Systems have a deep, low toned rumble.

Kerker Slip-Ons are available for Baggers,Tri Glides, Street Glide / Road Glide and Softails. The newer model Slip-Ons were developed specifically for the 10 & up FLH / FLT models. The 10 & up stock head pipes were redesigned by the factory. These newer Kerker Slip-Ons produce that signature Kerker sound in conjunction with the new factory head pipes. Our Kerker Slip-Ons slide onto the 10 Street Glide / Road Glide OEM 2:1 with ease.

Kerker Slip-Ons provide great mid-high range power. 8dB louder than stock. Shootout champion with proven 10 12% hp gains.

A Mikuni Core is available for peak performance and ultimate flow.

Kerker Slip-Ons require Chrome End Caps which are sold separately. Kerker Slip-Ons are compatible with our True Duals and our Crossover Conversion.

15 end cap options are sold separately and available for Kerker Series Slip-Ons and all of them will also fit H-D Performance II Mufflers making them ideal replacement parts.

Kerker 2:1 Systems are available for 90 11 Softails and require one Chrome End Cap which is sold separately. Choose from 17 End Caps.

Kerker 2:2 Systems are available for 86 06 Softails and require one Chrome End Cap which is sold separately. Choose from 17 End Caps.

Note: Sound test data on '10 & up model specific slip-ons was achieved using the OEM CAT equipped headpipe. Use of these mufflers on headpipe with the CAT removed or True Duals will result in substantially louder results. Optional cores are available for certain models at an additional cost.


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2:1 MERGE SYS, HD FLST/FXST '07-11*,CRM 128-71570 $899.00
2:1 MERGE, HD HERITAGE SFTL '90-06*,CRM 128-78065 $1,049.00
2:2 Ker, HD FLST/FXST 97-06*, CRM 128-78083 $1,749.00
2:2 KERKER, HD FLST/FXST '86-96*,CRM 128-78082 $1,749.00
S/O, HD FLH/FLT 85-94*, CRM 128-78010 $489.00
S/O, HD FLH/FLT '95-09*, CRM 128-78020 $489.00
S/O, KERKER, HD FLHX/FLTRX 2010*, CRM 128-78122 $339.00
S/O, MIKUNI, HD FLH/FLT 95-16+, CRM 128-78045 $489.00
S/O, MIKUNI, HD FLSTS/SC 97-07*, CRM 128-78035 $519.00
S/O,DOUBLE ESP, HD FLH/FLT 95-09*,CRM 128-78001 $609.00
S/O,Ker, HD FLSTS/SC Springer 97-07*,CRM 128-78030 $489.00
S/Os, KERKER, HD FLH/T '10-16+, CRM 128-78120 $489.00



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