FatShots are the most versatile, tunable, disc-based exhaust. All of our FatShots Slip-Ons and Systems utilize our patented Tunable Disc Technology. FatShots are SAE-J2825 sound compliant. Easy to install! They include detailed instructions and all necessary mounting hardware.

FatShots 2:1 for Baggers, Dynas and Softails is a versatile, tunable, disc-based, high performance exhaust system. The chrome-plated 2:1 headpipe features 1.75” diameter primary pipes which flow into a 2.5” diameter collector. They include full coverage bright chrome heatshields

The 3.5” chrome-plated muffler bodies flair out to 4” and include a 2.5” diameter performance core.

FatShots 2:1 systems are capped off with SuperTrapp’s legendary 4” discs, a Closed End Cap and a Polished Trim Ring

FatShots Slip-Ons in Chrome are available for Baggers as well as Tri Glides. The 3.5” Chrome-plated body flares out to a 4” Slash Cut End which is capped off with our legendary, 4” discs and Polished Trim Ring. The straight through 2” diameter performance core is pillow-pack wrapped.

FatShots Slip-Ons can be bolted on with 12 discs per muffler and Closed End Caps for a 15% horsepower and 12% torque gain. If you want to tone it down, 6 discs per muffler and Closed End Caps will provide you with a sound compliant, 86dB at idle. That’s quieter than stock, but with enhanced performance! Your pipes don’t have to be loud to make power.

Twenty-four, 4” discs, Closed End Caps and all necessary mounting harware is included. FatShots Slip-Ons are compatible with our True Duals and our Crossover Conversion.

FatShots Slip-Ons in Black Ceramic or Chrome finishes are available for ’06 & up Night Rods / Street Rods. FatShots are the most popular aftermarket exhaust for these bikes. They enhance the look and sound of the bike while providing crisp throttle response and performance gains throughout the entire power curve. Twenty-four, 4” discs are included.

FatShots 2:2 Systems in Chrome are available for Softails and 300 and 350 Wide Tire Customs. These systems feature massive 2" diameter 2:2 head pipes, with 2.25” heat shields and are topped off with our 4” diameter tunable mufflers. Twenty-four, 4” discs, Closed End Caps and all necessary mounting hardware is included.

Add 4” discs to increase horsepower, exhaust tone and flow.

Subtract 4” discs to reduce sound and increase low-end torque.

Note: Sound test data on '10 & up model specific slip-ons was achieved using the OEM CAT equipped headpipe. Use of these mufflers on headpipe with the CAT removed or True Duals will result in substantially louder results. Optional cores are available for certain models at an additional cost.


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2:2 FAT SHOT SYST:FXST/FLST,330 WIDE RSD 828-71420 $1,329.00
2:2 FATSHOTS,w/O2,HD FX/FLST '84-11*,CRM 828-71660 $1,229.00
FATSHOT 2:1 SYST, HD DYNA '06-11*, CRM 828-74690 $869.00
FATSHOT 2:1 SYST, HD FLH/FLT '10-16*,CRM 828-74800 $959.00
FATSHOT 2:1 SYST, HD FLH/FLT '17-18,CRM 828-74802 $959.00
FATSHOT 2:1 SYST, HD FXD/FLD '12-17*,CRM 828-74692 $869.00
FATSHOT 2:1 SYST, HD FXST/FLST'12-17*,CR 828-74682 $869.00
FATSHOT 2:1 SYST,HD FXST/FLST'84-11*,CRM 828-74680 $869.00
S/O FAT SHOTS, HD NT/ST ROD '06-17*, BLK 827-71134 $719.00
S/O FAT SHOTS, HD NT/ST ROD,'06-17*,CRM 828-71134 $739.00
S/O, FATSHOTS, HD FLH/FLT '17-18, CRM 728-71578 $659.00
S/O, FATSHOTS, HD FLH/FLT '95-16+, CRM 728-71576 $639.00



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