Now available for the 2017 models, Kerker Stout 4" Slip-Ons provide a deep, pleasant tone and unsurpassed performance gains.

These larger bodies are brewed to perfection. Available for 95 & up Baggers and '09 & up Tri Glides. These non disc-based, massive 4" Slip-Ons allow riders to make a bold statement with their traditional core. The streamlined, Internal Tapered, Billet Aluminum End Cap with recessed fasteners comes pre-installed and are a sign of the true craftsmanship that went into the design of these pipes. The newly shaped inlets flow better into the OEM head pipe as well as SuperTrapp True Dual Head Pipes.

STOUTS ARE NOW AVAILALBE IN BLACK TOO! Black ceramic bodies with a black, ceramic-coated, contrast cut end cap.

Black and Chrome optional replacement end caps are available and sold separately.

The predominantly displayed Kerker logo lets everyone know that your pipes perform!

They utilize a more traditional core which targets a higher spread of power providing more mid range RPM up through redline. Hand crafted for your riding pleasure, they provide a bold, strong power curve from mid range on up with a 9.6 (17%) hp and 9 (12%) torque gain over stock (measured on a 2010 FLH). Louder than the SuperTrapp version, Kerker Stouts are bold and powerful at 97dB (per SAE-J2825) or 5dB over stock with that classic Kerker, deep, heavy rumble.

Kerker Stouts are compatible with our True Duals and are available in a kit (p/n 148-78226) which pairs them with our Unfiltered 2:1:2 headpipe.

Kerker Stouts do not fit the 2010 Road Glide or 2010 Street Glide which are single-exhaust bikes.

Note: Sound test data on '10 & up model specific slip-ons was achieved using the OEM CAT equipped headpipe. Use of these mufflers on headpipe with the CAT removed or True Duals will result in substantially louder results. Optional cores are available for certain models at an additional cost.


Videos: Stock vs. SuperTrapp Stouts vs. Kerker Stouts sound comparisons on a variety of configurations

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KIT,2:1:2 PIPE/STOUT,HD FLH/T '10-16* 148-78226 $1,099.00
S/O,KERKER STOUT, HD FLH/FLT '10-16+,BLK 147-78226 $769.00
S/O,KERKER STOUT, HD FLH/FLT '10-16+,CHM 140-78226 $749.00
S/O,KERKER STOUT, HD FLH/FLT '17-18, BLK 147-78228 $769.00
S/O,KERKER STOUT, HD FLH/FLT '17-18, CHM 140-78228 $749.00
S/O,KERKER STOUT, HD FLH/FLT '95-09*,BLK 147-78224 $769.00
S/O,KERKER STOUT, HD FLH/FLT '95-09*,CHM 140-78224 $749.00
S/O,KERKER STOUT, HD FLH/T '17-18,CHM/BK 144-78228 $749.00
S/O,KERKER STOUT,HD FLH/T '10-16+,CHM/BL 144-78226 $749.00



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