SuperLight Stainless Series are now available in a direct fitment model for BMW F650GS and F800GS as well as BMW R1200GS models is a direct fitment SuperLight Stainless Series, which are a 4” internal disc-based, Slip-On exhaust. Their body is constructed of 100 percent 304-grade Stainless Steel with a Polished Finish for high-end quality and looks without the high-end price tag. The lightweight material lightens your load for maximum speed. This exhaust is based off of our Universal version and features all of the same benefits as well as our patented Tunable Disc Technology. Eighteen, 4” discs are included.

This new Slip-On boasts a 92dB sound level compared to the stock 87.5dB sound level (per SAE J-1287 off-road sound test). The SuperLight provides a deep, throaty, growling sound. It weighs only 9 lbs. That’s 4 lbs. lighter than stock to lighten your load for maximum speed and maneuverability. The weight savings easily justifies packing additional cargo. The BMW SuperLight body is a 19” long canister with a 4.5” body diameter and a 2.5” turndown outlet. The s-bend is fully welded onto the muffler and an integrated center stand stop is included on the under side.

The 4” tunable discs coupled with a Closed End Cap serve as an Integrated U.S. Forest Service approved spark arrestor.

Add more discs for more sound, flow and more horsepower.

Subtract discs to increase low-end torque and reduce the sound.

All models include detailed instructions and all of the necessary mounting hardware.

Universal SuperLight Stainless Series are also available and will fit most makes / models with only some minor fabricating required.


Video of SuperLight Stainless Series on BMW R1200GS

Video of SuperLight Stainless Series on BMW F800GS

BMW SuperLight Downloadable Flier

BMW SuperLight Stainless Series Picture & Testimonial

Disc Installation Video

Videos of Universal SuperLight Stainless Series on Adventure / Sport Touring Bikes

Videos or Universal SuperLight Stainless Series on Sport Bikes

Videos of Universal SuperLight Stainless Series on Metric Bikes

Closed End Cap vs. Open End Cap Video

How To Re-Pack a SuperTrapp Exhaust

4" Tunable Disc Accessories

Where To Locate Part Number on Pipe

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S/O,SPRLHT,BMW F650/700/800GS,ADV '09-15 726-80800 $699.00
S/O,SUPERLIGHT,BMW R1200GS/ADVEN '04-09* 726-81200 $699.00
S/O,SUPERLIGHT,BMW R1200GS/ADVEN '10-13* 726-81202 $699.00



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